Enagás included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

27 January 2021

• The company obtained an overall score well above the average for its sector and the highest score, 100 points, in reporting and transparency.
• This comes in acknowledgement of the efforts Enagás has been making over the years in terms of diversity and equal opportunities for its employees

For the third consecutive year, Enagás has been included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). This list distinguishes the 380 companies that are most committed to transparency in reporting on gender-related issues and to promoting equality. 

Specifically, Enagás obtained a score of 87.06 out of 100 points, which is not only above average for companies in the Utilities sector (66.72 points), but also for the total number of companies included in the Index (66.46 points). The company also obtained 100 points in reporting and transparency.

The list includes companies from 11 sectors with head offices in 44 countries. These companies have a combined market capitalisation of 14 trillion dollars. 

The inclusion of Enagás in this list is the result of the company’s efforts over the years in terms of diversity and equal opportunities. In this sense, the company has been undertaking different initiatives, such as training, coaching and networking among its employees in order to promote female talent;. increasing the number of women in positions of responsibility; and implementing more than 100 measures to facilitate work-life balance, including implementing the teleworking model.

This recognition adds to others obtained by Enagás in the same area, such as its inclusion in the Equileap gender equality index. Enagás has also been a Family-Responsible Company (efr) since 2007 and has held the Equality in Business Distinction from the Spanish Ministry of Equality since 2010. In 2014, the company signed a collaboration agreement with this government department for the adoption of measures to enhance the presence of women in management positions.


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