Enagás and ILUNION join forces to create Llewo, a socially and environmentally sustainable logistics operator

25 February 2021
  • The last-mile company will continue with the expansion of its operations throughout the national territory via its commitment to sustainable mobility and the generation of social impactEnagás and ILUNION today announced their joint participation in Llewo, a leading operator of last-mile logistics using alternative energy vehicles, which hitherto operated under the Gas2Move brand.

Enagás and ILUNION today announced their joint participation in Llewo, a leading operator of last-mile logistics using alternative energy vehicles, which hitherto operated under the Gas2Move brand.

The entry of ILUNION in the shareholding structure of this company will allow the expansion of Llewo nationwide, where it already operates in 27 provinces with a fleet that uses Natural Gas Vehicles (CNG and LNG). It is also currently developing the use of other vehicles that run on biogas, electricity and hydrogen, which will set the future standard in last-mile logistics.

From left to right: Alejandro Oñoro, CEO of ILUNION, and Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás.

Gas2Move, now Llewo, closed its operations in 2020 adding staff of 400 employees with direct contracts, at times exceeding the 500 people hired in the most intense e-commerce campaigns. The company bases its strategy on sustainability in a broad sense: not only environmental but also social. In this regard, ILUNION's entry into the shareholding will allow it to make progress in its goals of social responsibility, inclusion of employees with disabilities, equal opportunities and people at risk of social exclusion.

According to Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás: “For Enagás, this agreement is special because it allows us to share a project born from entrepreneurship in the field of decarbonisation of mobility with ILUNION, a leading exponent of social inclusion. This partnership results in a sustainable project in its broadest concept”.

The CEO of ILUNION, Alejandro Oñoro, explains Llewo is a sustainable mobility project that reinforces one of the strategic pillars of the business group, namely sustainability, “which produces a triple impact in economic, social and environmental terms.  In addition, it reinforces our commitment to circular economy initiatives and with a partner who wants to share our commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace”. 

Javier Ballesteros, CEO of Llewo, points out that “the incorporation of ILUNION to our shareholding reinforces our commitment to lead the last mile with a model based on sustainability and social impact on people. We are very proud to have reached this agreement, which demonstrates the great work performed by our team and, at the same time, it represents a huge responsibility in achieving the goals set by our shareholders”.

Last year, the fleet of this last-mile operator generated emissions savings of 293 tonnes of CO₂, 4,741 kilograms of NO₂ (nitrous oxide) and 2.20 kilograms of black particles, consolidating its position as the leading last-mile company in environmental sustainability in Spain, with significant growth over the past year in the number of routes and generation of quality employment.

In 2020, its vehicles travelled a total of 12.4 million kilometres on delivery routes for the main logistics operators, covering a total of 72,395 services in towns and cities in the 27 provinces where it operates, delivering 492,271 parcels.

The company has recently added electric vehicles and pedal-assisted tricycles to its fleet for urban delivery.

Gas2Move, now LLewo, is a company promoted by Enagás Emprende, Enagás’ Corporate Venturing, dedicated to the investment and acceleration of start-ups and innovative technologies in the field of energy transition and decarbonisation with a special focus on impact projects.

Since 2015, Enagás Emprende has invested in a total of 14 companies (7 of them created by employees). In addition to Gas2Move, its portfolio also includes Vira Gas Imaging, E4Efficiency, Scale Gas, Sercomgas, SEA, Bioengas, SEaB Energy, HYGEN, DualMetha, Premery, Trovant Technology, H2Greem and Solatom.


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