Fisterra Energy, Enagás and White Summit Capital launch a project to generate green hydrogen in the Bay of Algeciras

21 June 2021

• This initiative will contribute to the decarbonisation of industry, energy generation and mobility in the area, promoting long-term employment.
• The project allows Andalusia to make the most of the renewable resources available to produce green hydrogen.

Fisterra Energy, Enagás and White Summit Capital have presented a project that lays out plans for the start-up of a green hydrogen production plant of up to 237 MW in the Bay of Algeciras. This facility will supply green hydrogen to local industry, which has large consumers of hydrogen and natural gas.

In line with the provisions of the Hydrogen Roadmap of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, this project will not only contribute to the decarbonisation of industrial operations and energy generation, but will also allow for the promotion of future uses of green hydrogen in mobility, both for vehicles and fleets of trucks used in relation to port activity, as well as public transport, municipal services, trains, among others.

Green hydrogen could also be used as one of the clean fuels in maritime transport, so the Port of Algeciras could be a key location for the supply of fuel to ships.

Strategic location

Given its strategic location, Andalusia can make the most of the renewable resources available, using them in the production of green hydrogen and in the decarbonisation of sectors where electrification is not possible.
This green hydrogen generation project in the Algeciras Bay will facilitate the optimal integration of renewable energy resources in the region.

Thanks to its proximity to the pipeline network, this green hydrogen could be transported to national and international consumers on already existing networks.

Social, environmental and economic benefits of the project

The use of renewable resources to produce green hydrogen will help position Andalusia as a key region in the production of renewable energy, which will bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the area.
One of these benefits is the long-term maintenance of current employment, by enabling local industry to meet its environmental commitments, as well as generating highly skilled direct and indirect employment.

From an environmental point of view, this project will help to improve air quality in the Bay of Algeciras and Southern Andalusia, and will position the Port of Algeciras as an international leader in the green hydrogen generation and supply market.


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