Enagás, Toyota Spain and Urbaser will promote the first hydrogen refuelling station designed for passenger cars in Spain

20 June 2019

• Located in the northern area of Madrid, the Refuelling Station will operate at a supply pressure of 700 bar/MPa
• It will service a fleet of 12 Toyota Mirai that will be used by companies committed to innovation and the environment that are participating in this unique and pioneering initiative in Spain
• Enagás will promote the construction of the Hydrogen Refuelling Station and Toyota Spain will provide a fleet of 12 Mirai units for the project

Earlier today Enagás, with its subsidiary Enagás Emprende, Toyota España and Urbaser signed an agreement to carry out a pioneering project in Spain that will involve the installation of a hydrogen refuelling station for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the commissioning of the first fleet of 12 Toyota Mirai units based in Madrid.

Hydrogen is the new energy vector that offers countless possibilities for energy consumption, storage and mobility. It is a viable, clean and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. These companies are committed to sustainable mobility, promoting its use in zero-emission vehicles.

De izda. A dcha.: José María López Piñol (CEO de Urbaser), Marcelino Oreja (CEO de Enagás), Miguel Carsi (Presidente y CEO de Toyota España), Juan Santos (CEO de EESS San Antonio S.L y Miembro del Comité Ejecutivo de la CEEES) y Fernando Impuesto (Director General de Enagás Emprende).

The Toyota Mirai is a 100% fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle (FCHEV), powered by electricity produced by the chemical reaction between oxygen (taken from external air) and hydrogen stored in its tanks. It has an output of 155hp with a range of more than 500 km* and can be refuelled in under five minutes, offering a performance equivalent to a conventional vehicle. With water vapour being its only emission, it is a zero-emissions vehicle.

The agreement was signed by Marcelino Oreja (CEO of Enagás), Fernando Impuesto (General Manager of Enagás Emprende), José María López Piñol (CEO of Urbaser) and Miguel Carsi, President and CEO of Toyota Spain.

The hydrogen refuelling station will be located in the San Antonio S.L. service station, Avenida de Manoteras 34, Madrid, and will serve the companies taking part in the project.

According to Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, “Thanks to various projects, the company is a driving force in developing non-electric renewable energies, such as hydrogen and biomethane, as new solutions in the ecological transition process and in promoting a circular economy”. Regarding this pioneering initiative in Spain, he points out that “the companies that promote it are committed to new sustainable transport alternatives to improve air quality”.



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