Enagás GTS launches the issuance of Guarantees of Origin for renewable gases

Renewable gases
28 March 2023
  • The Technical System Operator makes available to entities and facilities registered in the new system the possibility of issuing and transferring guarantees of origin of renewable gases
  • This is the second milestone of the project, as set out in the government’s +SE Plan (Plan Más Seguridad Energética)


The platform of the new system of guarantees of origin for renewable gases, managed by Enagás GTS, allows, as from today, to issue and transfer guarantees to those facilities that are registered.

In January 2023, Enagás GTS launched the platform for this new system so that any interested company could apply for registration and register renewable gas production facilities. They will now also be able to issue guarantees of origin for the renewable gas they generate, as well as transfer the guarantees to other registered entities.

As such, the Technical System Operator meets the second milestone of this project, as set out in the Government’s +ES Plan (Plan Más Seguridad Energética - More Energy Security Plan), presented in October 2022.

The Technical System Operator has set up the website (www.gdogas.es) to perform all these functions. On this portal you can also consult other information of interest, such as the applicable regulations, support documentation for the functioning and operation of the system or the list of entities and facilities that have been registered.

The platform already has 22 qualified entities with very diverse profiles: renewable gas producers, suppliers, consumers, traders, service providers and market platforms.

This milestone has been achieved thanks to the collaboration of the players of the renewable gas sector, who have positively valued the collaboration in the technical working meetings to develop this new system.

Forthcoming developments

In April 2023, Enagás GTS will include additional functionalities in the platform, such as the association of guarantees of origin to physical gas consumption.

The company has also made a mailbox available to the sector (GDO_GTS@enagas.es) for queries or doubts.


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