Enagás and Emgrisa collaborate to develop biomethane

24 January 2019

• The companies analyse producing biomethane from biogas generated in a waste treatment plant that Emgrisa has in Salamanca.
• The initiative is part of the Enagás commitment to developing non-electric renewable energies, such as hydrogen and biogas/biomethane, as key new energy solutions in the decarbonisation process.
• For Emgrisa, this collaboration underlines its commitment to using the best available technologies, and recovering waste in line with the environmental objectives of the EU. 

Enagás and the Empresa para la Gestión de Residuos Industriales (Emgrisa) collaborate on a project to promote the development of biomethane. The companies have initiated a feasibility study at one of Emgrisa's waste treatment plants, located in the municipality of Juzbado, in Salamanca. The aim is to possibly adapt this facility so that it can produce biomethane from the biogas that it generates.

Biogas contributes to the development of a circular economy, as it is the result of efficient waste recovery. It is generated by the anaerobic decomposition of wastewater and solid municipal waste, and waste produced by the agriculture, livestock farming and forestry industries. After being purified through a technological process called upgrading, it becomes biomethane. This renewable gas can be transported through the gas infrastructure or used in industry or as a sustainable fuel for vehicles.

The project represents another step towards Enagás’ commitment to developing non-electric renewable energies (biogas/biomethane and hydrogen) as key energy solutions for the decarbonisation process The project is also part of the company’s commitment to promoting a circular economy and waste recovery.

For Emgrisa, a subsidiary of the ENUSA group, part of the SEPI holding company, this initiative means aligning itself with the objectives of the Spanish Government in terms of the recovery of organic waste, strategy against climate change and circular economy strategy, as well as strengthening its business objectives in terms of biogas production.


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