Enagás awards innovation and entrepreneurship of its professionals

13 July 2018

• One renewable gas project, winner of the third edition of the 'Ingenia Business' Awards
• The Chief Executive Officer, Marcelino Oreja, highlights the faith Enagás places in innovation as another path to growth. ‘The development of new uses for gas and of renewable gases will be key to the decarbonisation process.’
• This new edition of 'Ingenia Business' saw the presentation of 42 ideas by a total of 59 participants
• 'Ingenia Business' is a part of the 'Enagás Emprende', the Enagás Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, which has made possible the creation of seven start-ups managed by the company’s professionals

Enagás held the finals of its 'Ingenia Business' Awards, and initiative it started in 2015 to encourage a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its professionals. The winning idea of this third edition was BioEnGas, a project presented by four of the company’s employees for the construction, operation and maintenance of biomethane plants.

The second prize was for Biochemigas. This idea is based on generating THT, the odorant used for the detection of natural gas, from biomass.

Ingenia Business Finals

The third prize was for the Powing initiative, with put forward the creation of a crowdfunding platform using blockchain technology to boost the renewable gas sector. Furthermore, special mentions were given to two projects related to energy efficiency.

The Chief Executive Officer of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, pointed out that ‘in a context of energy transition like the current one, which is changing the sector, Enagás places its faith in innovation as another path to growth, which is why we support new business models related to new uses for gas, alternative fuels, energy efficiency and renewable gases, which will be key to the decarbonisation process.’

A total of 59 participants presented 42 ideas for businesses and improvements to the company’s day-to-day operations for the third 'Ingenia Business' awards.

About ‘Enagás Emprende’

The 'Ingenia Business' Awards are part of 'Enagás Emprende', the Enagás Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme through which the company supports and encourages ideas and business projects to make the energy sector more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

'Ingenia Business' is a channel by which company professionals are able to present ideas for business and improvements for the efficiency of their daily work. More specifically, it acknowledges the most innovative ideas and supports them, enabling them to be turned into viable business models. In the course of its three editions, ideas from more than 150 employees, more than 10% of the workforce, have been submitted.

All the participants have received specific training in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, and their ideas are studied for their possible incorporation into initiatives being implemented by the company. The winners enter a business incubation programme. The winning project of last year’s edition has now been turned into the company Gas2Move, focusing on the promotion of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) as a sustainable transport fuel.

A total of seven companies have been set up within the framework of 'Enagás Emprende': Vira Gas Imaging, E4Efficiency, Scale Gas, Gas2Move, H2Gas, Sercomgas and SEA. The company enables the professionals behind the projects to participate as co-founders and business partners of these companies.


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