Enagás rewards the most innovative ideas of its professionals in the second edition of 'Ingenia Business'

09 February 2017

• A project that promotes the use of natural gas for vehicles wins the 2016 ‘Ingenia Business’ award
• Out of a total of 46 ideas that were presented by the company’s professionals, four projects won awards this time
• Via ‘Ingenia Business’, Enagás fosters a culture of internal entrepreneurship 

Enagás has yet again rewarded the most innovative business ideas submitted by its professionals to ‘Ingenia Business’. At the second edition of this initiative, the ‘Gas 2 Move’ project, promoting the use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), was the winner.

46 ideas from a total number of 63 professionals were presented at this edition, with other initiatives also being recognised. The second prize went to ‘Sercomgas’ whose aim is to offer services to shippers who operate in the Spanish gas market.

Ingenia Business 2016

Furthermore, special mentions were given to two projects: one on artificial intelligence applied to telemetry, and another focused on offsetting emissions by planting trees.

The aim of ‘Ingenia Business’ is to create a culture of entrepreneurship within the company. This initiative, which seeks to turn the ideas of Enagás' professionals into viable business models that are supported by the company, is part of the Enagás Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme that was launched in 2014.

Assessment programme
‘Ingenia Business’ winners will have access to a specialised assessment programme to define the business model linked to their ideas and will have the backing of Enagás for their subsequent development.

Just as for the previous edition, all of the participants of ‘Ingenia Business' will receive specific training in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity. In addition, all the ideas put forward will be examined in detail to evaluate their possible inclusion in other initiatives of a more global nature that are being furthered by the company.

Last year’s winning project is today a company called VIRA Gas Imaging that develops innovative solutions based on infrared technology for the detection of gas emissions.

‘Enagás Emprende’
The Enagás Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, ‘Enagás Emprende’, is focused on supporting innovative projects arising from ‘Ingenia Business’ as well as external projects from the open innovation side of the programme; it also supports those whose access to the market could be of interest to Enagás.


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