AEGFA and IDAE award Enagás a Certification for their Green Fleet

07 July 2016

• This certification certifies that, following a process of support, implementation of improvements and verification, Enagás's fleet of vehicles meets the strict standards of environmental respect and sustainability.

• In Spain, over 4,500 vehicles in this fleet now have this approved accreditation.

Enagás, a leading company in the development and maintenance of gas infrastructures, has obtained a Green Fleet Accreditation awarded by AEGFA and IDAE. This certification recognises that the Enagás fleet meets strict environmental respect and sustainability standards, having obtained the certification at Master level, which is the most exigent.

The awarding of this accreditation also signifies Enagás's commitment to the implementation of a programme to improve and manage its fleet of vehicles over the next 4 years. AEGFA will therefore provide consultancy during the process for the implementation of these improvements, following up on them regularly to ensure proper compliance with the requirements for this accreditation.

Enagás thus joins other organisations, both public and private, whose fleets have also been awarded this certification. These include the pharmaceutical company GSK, Red Eléctrica de España, Calidad Pascual, ISS and the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla. With the addition of Enagás, the fleet accredited with this certification now has over 4,500 vehicles.

On behalf of Enagás, the ceremony was attended by Carlos Ruiz Alonso, Manager for Sustainability and the Environment, and Jorge Diaz Cogollo, Head of Facility Services. Victor Noguer, President of AEGFA, and Juan Francisco Larrazabal, from IDAE's Department of Transportation, had the honour of awarding the Certification that also coincided with the celebration of 2016 Fleet Day that AEGFA organised at the Jarama racing circuit.

For Enagás this certification is a recognition of its commitment to sustainability in the management of its fleet of vehicles. In line with its commitment to safety, efficiency and sustainability, the company has incorporated several vehicles that use natural gas for vehicles (NGV) which reduces impact on the environment and also saves costs.

Victor Noguer, the president of AEGFA, said that "every year more and more companies adhere to this certification. This means that sustainability and respect for the environment are part of the DNA of most Spanish companies. Moreover, the fact that a company in the gas sector such as Enagás has joined the list of companies accredited by our certification, and committing itself to using NGV as a fuel for vehicle fleets, is the best proof of the serious and positive changes that are occurring in corporate vehicle fleets with regard to reducing our environmental footprint."


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