Enagás increases its stake in GNL Quintero terminal in Chile

04 September 2013

Enagás has increased its stake in GNL Quintero terminal in Chile with the acquisition of the second tranche of 20% owned by the BG Group. To carry out this transaction, Enagás enabled Oman Oil Company to become a partner, with 49% of Terminal de Valparaíso, where Enagás will continue to be the majority shareholder. Enagás becomes the primary shareholder in the terminal.

The deal falls under the agreement signed by Enagás to acquire, in two tranches, BG Group’s 40% shareholding in GNL Quintero in April 2012. Enagás incorporated the company Terminal de Valparaíso for the acquisition of the first tranche, of 20%, which was completed in September 2012.

The acquisition of the remaining 20% by Terminal de Valparaíso required an investment of $176 million.

Subsequent to this deal, GNL Quintero's shareholders are as follows: Terminal de Valparaíso (40%), ENAP (20%), Endesa Chile (20%) and Metrogas (20%).


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