The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism visits Enagás' Main Control Center

24 July 2013

•  The Chairman of the Company, Antonio Llardén, explained the Minister how from this installation coordinates in is real-time the operation of the Spanish gas system.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Jose Manuel Soria, visited the Main Control Center (CPC) of Enagas, joining the President of the Company, Antonio Llardén. 

The CPC is the center which provides supervision and control of the whole gas infrastructure network in Spain in real time 24 hours / 365 days a year. It is equipped with computer systems to ensure continuity and quality of supply of gas, check the operating parameters (pressure, flow, temperature, quality, etc ...), among other functions. The facility features simulation and planning tools to optimize the operation of the gas system.

During the CPC, the Minister has also been accompanied by the CEO of Enagas, Marcelino Oreja, Director General Operation and System Technical Management, Javier González Juliá, and the Director of System Analysis and Development, Diego Vela.


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