Enagás’ net profit climbs 4.1% on 2012 to €379.5Mn

20 February 2013

•  This earnings performance is due mainly to the rigorous control of operating costs, which decreased by 1.8%.

•  The Company invested €761.4Mn and commissioned €994.4Mn worth of assets.

•  Enagás surpassed all its guidance for the sixth consecutive year.

•  In 2012, conventional demand for natural gas in Spain reached a new record high of 278,053 GWh, 6% more than in 2011.

Enagás reported full year 2012 net profit of €379.5Mn, a 4.1% increase on the €364.6Mn reported in 2011.

EBITDA totalled €934.3Mn at 31 December 2012, 5.5% higher than the previous year’s figure of €885.5Mn.

These increased earnings was due mainly to the Company’s efforts to improve efficiency and rigorous cost control. Operating expenses decreased by 1.8%.

Despite the unfavourable environment, Enagás has surpassed all of its guidance for the sixth consecutive year.


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