Enagás’ net profit rises 4.8% to €86Mn

19 April 2011

 €165Mn of assets were put into operation and investment totalled €130Mn

These results are in line with the targets of the 2010-2014 Strategic Plan

The European Investment Bank’s confidence in Enagás is confirmed with the signing of a €350Mn tranche of the €1Bn loan granted in 2008

Conventional demand for natural gas rose 5%, once the working day and temperature were taken into account

José Riva, new President of the Enagás Audit and Compliance Committee

Enagás reported net profit for the first three months of 2011 of €86Mn, a 4.8% increase on the figure of €82Mn to 31 March 2010.
EBITDA totalled €205.9Mn, 8.6% higher than the previous year’s figure of €189.7Mn. 

These results are in line with guidance for the year which calls for net profit growth of 5% and a double-digit increase in EBITDA, in line with the 2010-2014 Strategic Plan.

Operating expenses rose just 1%, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to tight control of operating costs at a time of significant growth in its asset base.


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