Conventional demand for natural gas increased 10% in 2010

03 January 2011

 Conventional demand for natural gas (domestic, commercial, industrial and co-generation consumption) in 2010 stood at 265,101 GWh, 10% higher than the 2009 figure. This puts conventional demand at the same levels as those seen prior to the crisis. The increase was mainly driven by the effect of temperatures on domestic consumption and greater industrial consumption.

On 16 December 2010 the record for conventional demand was broken, reaching 1,166 GWh, due mainly to the low temperatures.

Total demand (conventional and for electricity generation) stayed at levels similar to those registered in 2009, totalling 400,726 GWh, given that in 2010 natural gas deliveries for electricity generation fell 15.7%, mainly as a result of high rainfall and the increase in electricity generation using renewable sources and nuclear power.

The Autonomous Community of Catalonia reported the greatest demand in 2010, followed by Andalusia and Valencia.


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