Demand for natural gas in Spain totalled 1,863 GWh yesterday, 17 December, the fourth all-time high set this month

18 December 2007

· For the third time this winter, natural gas demand in Spain topped the 1,800 GWh/day mark

Yesterday, 17 December, demand for natural gas in Spain totalled 1,863 GWh. This was the fourth record high set this month and 12% higher than last winter's record of 1,662 GWh set on 30 January.

Meanwhile yesterday's record marks an increase of 1% on the previous record set last 14 December, when demand for natural gas peaked at 1,843 GWh.

Of total demand for natural gas yesterday, 728 GWh went to the electricity market.

Lower-than-average temperatures for this time of year underpinned an increase in demand from the domestic market to 1,135 GWh. Meanwhile, low wind and hydro generation explain the large level of gas deliveries for electricity generation.


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