Enagás 2007-2012 Strategic Plan 2007-2012

17 April 2007

Enagás plans to invest 4 billion euros in the period between 2007 and 2012.
Enagás' objective: to construct and expand the infrastructures laid out in the Obligatory Planning.

All the projects included in the revision of the Plan are wide-reaching, such as the new El Musel regasification plant, the Yela underground storage facility and 7 extensive transport projects, which will make up the vertebral axes of the System (Cross Axis, Medgaz Connection with Algeria, Gasification of the Balearics, Strengthening of the Mediterranean Axis, Strengthening of the North Axis, Strengthening of the Central Axis, Strengthening with France through Larrau).

The investments that make up this Enagás Plan respond to the need to increase diversification of supply sources and to improve the security of the supply.


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