ENISA and Enagás join forces to boost Spanish competitiveness and sustainable entrepreneurship

09 September 2021

• This collaboration is committed to providing the necessary support to companies and projects, promoting the energy transition and the diversification of new business models
• The agreement was signed by José Bayón López and Marcelino Oreja Arburúa, CEOs of the respective entities

The National Innovation Company (Empresa Nacional de Innovación - ENISA) and Enagás have just signed an agreement to promote public-private financing of sustainable business projects.

"We are very proud to add the name of ENISA to that of Enagás and its subsidiary, Enagás Emprende, and thus initiate a path committed to supporting projects or companies that require our investment to start or continue their sustainable entrepreneurial activity”, explains José Bayón López, CEO of ENISA.

From left to right: José Bayón, CEO of ENISA, and Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, at the signing of the agreement.

For his part, Marcelino Oreja Arburúa, adds that creating this partnership “adds value to Spanish competitiveness and the promotion of the energy transition, supporting start-ups and innovation projects, through the diversification of new business models such as biogas, hydrogen and sustainable mobility, among other areas, as well as access to disruptive technologies at an early stage”.

With this agreement, Enagás, through its usual communication channels, will raise awareness of the financing offered by ENISA and how to apply for it. For its part, ENISA undertakes to analyse the possible financing by means of participative loans of the applications received, provided that they meet the requirements for access to its financing facilities.

“The decision on the approval of each operation will be the responsibility of ENISA, in accordance with the conditions, requirements and application procedures that regulate the management of the participative loan”, emphasizes Bayón. "The financing offered by ENISA to SMEs can help increase the competitiveness options of the innovation ecosystem”, emphasizes Oreja.

To facilitate collaboration between the two entities, a working group has been set up comprising four members: on behalf of ENISA, Carmen Cuesta, Director of Communication and Promotion, and Alberto Moratiel, Coordinator of Promotion and Institutional Relations; and on behalf of Enagás, Fernando Impuesto, General Manager of Enagás Emprende, and Emilio Martínez, Manager of Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Participative loan

The financial instrument handled through ENISA is the participative loan, with amounts between 25,000 and 1,500,000 euros, which requires no guarantees other than those of the business project itself and a sound management team.

Companies must have their registered office in Spain and present technically and economically viable business projects, as well as an innovative, novel business model or with clear competitive advantages.


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