Trans Adriatic Pipeline transports first 10 bcm of natural gas to Europe

Infrastructure Descarbonisation
18 March 2022
  • This milestone contributes to Europe’s energy security and supply diversification, just one year after the start of commercial operations of the project

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline, in which Enagás holds a 16% stake, announced on March 17 that it had transported 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe via the Kipoi interconnection point on the Greek-Turkish border, where TAP connects to the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP). Of the 10 bcm, approximately 8.5 bcm were delivered to Italy. 

The 878-kilometre pipeline, which runs through Greece, Albania, the Adriatic Sea and Italy, began transporting gas from Azerbaijan to its target markets, Greek, Albania and Italy, just over a year ago. 

TAP is the European leg of the Southern Gas Corridor, a project budgeted at 37 billion euros, which has the potential to increase its capacity to 20 bcm through various infrastructure as a result of a market test process that is scheduled for a new binding phase in July 2023, but which could be brought forward to 2022.

Enagás is part of the international consortium behind this project, which plays a strategic role in the supply of natural gas to Europe. Its operation boosts energy security on the continent, enables diversification by incorporating an additional source of supply and contributes to the energy transition and achievement of the decarbonisation targets.


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