Successful completion of the CORE LNGas hive project, coordinated by Enagás

Renewable gases Descarbonisation
06 August 2023


The CORE LNGas hive project was launched in 2016 with the aim of developing an integrated, safe and efficient logistics chain for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is more sustainable compared to traditional fuels, in order to achieve the decarbonisation of transport, especially maritime transport, in the Iberian Peninsula.

Recently, the European Commission announced the successful completion of the project. CORE LNGas hive has been led by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda through Puertos del Estado and coordinated by Enagás. The project has ended with 25 projects implemented, 41 partners/beneficiaries, more than 70 stakeholders from the public and private sectors and the development of the regulatory framework for this market.

In the case of Enagás, its facilities and those of BBG, Reganosa and Saggas were adapted to supply activities. Training programmes for the personnel involved were also defined and cases for LNG use for port activities were developed.

From 2017 to December 2022, more than 415,786 m3 of LNG was delivered, and 200,000 m3 is expected to be delivered in 2023 alone, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions of more than 408,523 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to the reduction in CO2 emissions if we converted 272,348 passenger cars per year to electric propulsion.

CORE LNGas hive has been the precursor to the LNGhive2 and NetZerohive projects, which have led to the provision of more than €200 million in subsidies for the development of deployment projects: nine passenger vessels, three bunkering vessels, additional facility adaptations and much more. It also triggered a process to make the capacity of the Spanish gas network more flexible, which, among other things, made it possible to respond to the improvement of the EU's security of supply in terms of LNG logistics.


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