Enagás took part in the 2nd El Español SDG Observatory

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15 September 2023


Enagás’ Sustainability and Climate Action Manager, José Miguel Tudela, underlined the importance of decarbonisation and climate neutrality for Enagás at the 2nd Observatory on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organised by the digital newspaper El Español, Enclave ODS and Invertia and with the collaboration of the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation, which was held from 12-14 September at the CaixaForum in Madrid.

“We have set specific targets in terms of numbers and especially in the short and medium term, aimed at decarbonisation, not only of our infrastructures, but of the entire value chain. These targets are included in our Strategic Plan aimed at 2026”, said Enagás’ Sustainability and Climate Action Manager.

The conference was attended by political leaders, senior officials, activists and intellectuals involved in the defence of human, social and environmental rights, and Tudela concluded that companies are strengthening and coordinating their efforts to address the sustainable development goals: “Enagás has brought forward the neutrality target for 2040. The key to achieving this will be to coordinate efforts at EU level with those at national level”.

Enagás’ Sustainability and Climate Action Manager participated alongside Bankinter’s Head of Sustainability, José Antonio Barberá; Mutua Madrileña’s Environmental Manager, Mario Cabezos; the Head of the Development and Applications Department of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Yolanda Luna, and the Institutional Relations, Communication and Sustainability Director of Abertis and Director of Abertis Foundation, Georgina Flamme, in the round table discussion “Adaptation to climate change in Spain”.

José Miguel Tudela defended the need to promote the growth of the renewable gas market to achieve the energy transition, especially with hydrogen, and pointed out that “we are promoting the development of new infrastructures and the adaptation of existing ones for the transmission of renewable hydrogen”. In this regard, he stressed the importance of the Call For Interest for the Spanish Hydrogen Backbone Network that Enagás is launching, aimed at all agents interested in participating in the renewable hydrogen market.


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