Enagás emphasises the resilience of the Spanish gas system in anticipation of the winter season at the Gas Industry Forum

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08 November 2023
  • Susana de Pablo, the General Manager of Enagás GTS, highlighted that the tanks in Spanish LNG plants are fully occupied, which strengthens the security of supply in our country

The General Manager of Enagás GTS, Susana de Pablo, defended the strength of the Spanish gas system ahead of the coming winter in her speech at the Gas Industry Forum held in Madrid on 7 November. “As of today, we are prepared for the winter in terms of security of supply,” she said.

De Pablo emphasised that the Spanish gas system has been further strengthened this year with the inclusion of new capacity at the El Musel plant. She also said that the tanks of the LNG plants in Spain are 100% utilised, which proves the effective functioning of the Spanish gas system. In Europe, tank utilisation is at 95%.



This positive situation is also reflected in the unloading of ships. “In the Spanish regasification plants, 146 slots have been contracted for the period from November to March, which will allow us to further strengthen the security of supply in winter”, she assured during the panel discussion “The future of gas for the industry”, in which she participated together with the Chairman of Sedigas, Joan Batalla, the spokesman for the Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, Carlos Reinoso, and the Chairman of Mibgas, Raúl Yunta.



Susana de Pablo also pointed out the potential of renewable hydrogen. “The industry needs energy to support decarbonisation, and renewable hydrogen and its storage are currently the best technological option,” she concluded.

She also emphasised the positive reception of the new platform for the guarantee of origin system for renewable gases. This project makes it possible to certify the renewable nature of hydrogen, biogas or biomethane through an electronic certificate and to provide detailed information on their production. The General Manager of Enagás GTS pointed to the great interest in this mechanism, which already has 100 registered users. 


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