Arturo Gonzalo emphasised at the Wake Up, Spain! forum that “green hydrogen is indispensable” for Europe

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18 April 2024
  • The CEO of Enagás inaugurated the second day of the forum, organised by El Español, highlighting that “no energy carrier has progressed as rapidly or received as widespread political and institutional support as hydrogen”.

Arturo Gonzalo, CEO of Enagás, stressed the critical importance of green hydrogen for Europe at the start of the second day of the Wake Up Spain! forum, which took place from April 15 to 19 and was hosted by El Español, Invertia, and Disruptores. He said that “hydrogen is crucial for achieving Europe's goals of decarbonisation, long-term supply security, and strategic autonomy”



In a discussion with Alba Pérez, the Energy editor at El Español-Invertia, Arturo Gonzalo emphasised the European institutions' keen interest and support. He noted, “There is no energy carrier that has made such rapid progress and received such extensive political and institutional support as hydrogen.”

He further explained, “The list of PCIs—Projects of Common Interest—that set out Europe’s first ten-year hydrogen infrastructure plan has now been published”, underscoring the integration of the initial segments of the Spanish Hydrogen Backbone Network and H2Med, and remarked on the corridor's rapid progress towards becoming a reality.

The CEO also pointed to the advanced maturity of the technology in green hydrogen development, as demonstrated at the Enagás H2 Technical Day held last week. He said, “We possess all the necessary elements for hydrogen to progress rapidly in the years ahead”.

Regarding the sectors most in need of green hydrogen, Arturo Gonzalo pointed out that the industry, according to REPowerEU, is expected to account for two-thirds of the total demand by 2030. He emphasised, “For sectors requiring decarbonisation, like the iron and steel industry, hydrogen is an unparalleled energy carrier”.

He also underscored this energy carrier's role in boosting sustainable mobility, noting that transport will make up a quarter of European demand within six years. He asserted, “Spain plays a significant role in European road transport and stands to lead in integrating hydrogen”.

The CEO pointed out the beneficial economic, social, and industrial impact of renewable hydrogen in our country, particularly in “the regions most affected by depopulation”. He said, “According to a PwC report, Spain's hydrogen economy is expected to generate over 32 billion euros in GDP and sustain approximately 81,000 jobs annually during its development.”

Arturo Gonzalo also pointed out that molecules like ammonia and technologies such as CO2 capture, transport, and storage are vital complements to green hydrogen in advancing decarbonisation. “Enagás can play a crucial role in providing the necessary transport and storage infrastructure to manage these molecules sustainably”, he concluded.


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