José Blanco López



Professional experience:

  • He is currently CEO and Founder of ACENTO PUBLIC AFFAIRS.
  • Senator (1989-1996) and a Member of the Spanish Parliament (1996-2015).
  • Minister of Development of the Government of Spain (2009-2011), he was also at that time Chairman of the Transport Council of the European Union and President of the World International Transport Forum.
  • Spokesperson for the Spanish Government (2011).
  • Member of the European Parliament (2015-2019) taking part in the follow-up and participation in various legislative dossiers and reports on parliamentary initiatives. He has been a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy; Member of the Committee of Inquiry into the Measurement of Emissions from the Automobile Sector; Vice-Chairman of the delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee and Rapporteur on the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII 20202030).
  • As head of the European Parliament for the renewable energy directive, he has participated as a speaker in more than 100 conferences, forums and congresses in recent years. Among the most recent: “Energy Transition, between all of us. Self-consumption as a key to change”; Participation in the GASNAM Congress as a conference speaker: “European Renewable Energy Directive” and “The transition to a new energy model in Europe”. He has been a speaker in the European capital at various conferences: the “Solar Power Summit”, the “III Energy Summit”, the “European Sustainable Energy Week”, the “Annual High-Level Experts Conference” and the European Commission’s “Clean Energy Financing”, at the presentation of the REMAP study by the International Renewable Energy Agency, the “Global Sustainability Conference”, the “IV Energy Summit” and at the conferences organised in Sofia by the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union.

Other information of interest:

  • In Spain, he has participated as a speaker at the III Spanish Wind Energy Congress, the National Renewable Energy Congress, the IV Solar Forum, the I Canary Islands Wind Energy Congress, the Conference on renewable energies organised by the Murcia Association of Engineers, the Spanish Energy Club, the OCU SelfConsumption Conference, the UNEF Conference on Power Purchase Agreements and the Renewable Energy Directive. He led the convening of two round tables on biofuels and on bioenergy organised by the S&D Group at Parliament’s HQ in Brussels and has sponsored the organisation of several round tables at the Parliament with various EU associations from the sectors concerned, including EREF, Euroelectric, Ecofys and RE100. Author of articles on energy issues in different media.
  • Author of the chapter “Paris Agreement, Winter Package, Energy and Climate Strategy 2030 and 2050. Historical Vision of the European Union’s Climate and Energy Policies” published in the Workbook on Energy Transition in Spain. “A proposal from social democracy”.