Open Season for Logistic Services at El Musel LNG Terminal


After the non-binding phase of the Open Season process for the allocation of logistics services at El Musel LNG Terminal, carried out in March 2023, the binding phase began on June 5th 2023 and concluded on June 30th 2023. During this period, interested parties submitted a total of 13 bids for the capacity offered at the terminal. On July 11th 2023, Enagás awarded Endesa the contract for logistics services for El Musel LNG Terminal in Gijón (Asturias, Spain).

This infrastructure has a total storage capacity of 300,000 m3 (150,000 m3 each of the two tanks) and the highest vessel unloading and reloading ratios in Spain (18,000 m3/h and 6,000 m3/h respectively). Furthermore, it has a jetty capacity of vessels up to 266,000 m3.

El Musel will offer storage capacity of 170,000 m3 for logistic services, that is unloading, storage and reloading.