#EllasTeLoCuentan makes female talent visible


On 11 February, 2022, coinciding with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Enagás launched #EllasTeLoCuentan. An initiative designed to showcase the company's female talent and encourage young girls and students to have more female role models in STEM fields from an early age, inspiring them to pursue such technical careers.

Fostering diverse work environments is crucial for addressing the challenges of the energy transition. That's why the #EllasTeLoCuentan initiative also included the collaboration of male colleagues, team members, and area managers of the participating women.



Objectives of the initiative


Female talent

To make visible and give a voice to Enagás' female talent with STEM profiles (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through real stories told by company professionals.


More role models

Encourage girls and boys to have more STEM role models and to perceive these careers as accessible and attractive, regardless of their gender. 


Diverse environments

Emphasise the importance of promoting diverse work environments to contribute to a more equal and inclusive society.

Main figures






A total of 25 women and 8 men, Enagás professionals of diverse genders, ages, experience levels and roles within the company, shared their stories and their vision of how diversity contributes to creating more creative, collaborative, and efficient work environments. At Enagás, we believe that the future challenges will be met through the uniqueness and added value of each individual.


Through these and other initiatives, Enagás promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion in the company


The initiative, active for two years, culminated in 2024 with an event at the Enagás headquarters in Madrid during the company's 2nd Women's Week, coinciding with International Women's Day. In the following video you can see some of the highlights of the event:



And on social media...

Find all the content related to this initiative through the hashtag #EllasTeLoCuentan.