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Capacities in the transmission network

Check the daily and intraday capacity available for the PVB access service (virtual balance point) from the transmission network, for TVB (virtual balance tank), for AVB (virtual balance storage) and for Biomethane.

The capacity available for the next gas day is published daily. The intraday capacity available for the gas day, calculated with the best available information, is also published.

Unit: kWh / day
Updated Data 05-18-2024 03:35 h
  • TVB
  • AVB
  • Biometano
  • Plant of Sagunto
  • Plant of Barcelona
  • Plant of Cartagena
  • Plant of Huelva
  • Plant of Bilbao
  • Plant of Murgados
  • VIP Pirineos
  • VIP Ibérico
  • Tarifa
  • Almería
  • Poseidón
  • Marismas
  • Viura
  • Aznalcázar
  • Plant of Musel
  • Gas Quality Map

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    * The technical capacity shown for underground storage facilities contains an error that will be corrected shortly
    * The value of available LNG storage capacity includes the minimum fill level

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    Capacities in regasification plants: Slots

    Check the contracting status of the slots offered in regasification plants.

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