In 2023, demand for natural gas reached 325.4 TWh

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29 December 2023

Spain consolidates its position as the world’s leading re-exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2023

  • Demand for natural gas for industrial consumption in Spain has increased by 3.9% in 2023, reaching 169.8 TWh
  • Total demand for natural gas fell by 10.7% year-on-year to 325.4 TWh in 2023, due to lower demand for gas for electricity generation, which recorded exceptionally high levels in 2022
  • In 2023, as a non-producer, Spain ranked first in LNG re-exports at 22.1 TWh, contributing towards security of supply in Europe
  • Spain has one of the most diversified energy supplies in the world. In 2023, it received natural gas from 17 different countries thanks to its regasification plants
  • Natural gas exports via interconnections with France reached a new monthly record of 6.52 TWh/month in April and a new record for daily exports of 261.5 GWh/day on 17 May
  • The El Musel Plant (Musel E-Hub) was integrated in 2023, bolstering the security of Europe’s energy supply
  • The Spanish gas system has operated with 100% availability 24 hours a day, every day of the year

In 2023, total natural gas consumption amounted to 325.4 TWh, a decrease of 10.7% compared to the previous year, which is due to lower demand for electricity.

Conventional demand in private households, businesses and industry totalled 229.9 TWh, with the increase largely due to a 3.9% rise in industrial consumption, which reached 169.8 TWh. Demand for gas for electricity generation reached 95.6 TWh, down 30.8% after reaching its highest level since 2010 in 2022.

Record exports

In 2023, Spain led the world’s non-producers in LNG re-exports with 22.1 TWh. In addition, pipeline gas exports to Europe via the Irun and Larrau interconnections in France rose by 6.1% to 37.5 TWh, further increasing the security of Europe’s energy supply.

April 2023 saw Spain achieve its all-time monthly export peak to France at 6.52 TWh/month, and on 17 May, the historical daily export high was set with 261.5 GWh/day, using 98.7% of its capacity.

Security of supply

In a European energy environment marked by the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, the Spanish gas system has operated 24 hours a day, every day of the year with 100% availability, demonstrating great robustness and flexibility.

At the end of the year, the underground gas storage facilities were over 90% full — having reached 100% in August — and the regasification plants were over 80% full, both more than in the previous year.

In 2023, Spain’s regasification plants sourced from 17 distinct origins, establishing Spain as a key strategic gateway for Europe’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) due to its high diversification of supply.

Spain has contributed to the security of supply of the rest of Europe by sending gas, both through interconnections and by reloading LNG carriers to other EU countries such as Italy or Germany.

In 2023, the El Musel plant (Musel E-Hub) was commissioned to strengthen European security of supply, and the Spanish Gas System has been operating normally 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with 100% availability.

Note: These data are provisional, pending final figures.


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