El Corte Inglés, Enagás and ILUNION launch a sustainable logistics project with a social impact

28 September 2021

• Llewo, a company specialising in social and eco-sustainable logistics management, will take on the last mile logistics (final delivery to the customer) of El Corte Inglés.

• This partnership will lead to the creation of over 150 direct jobs, including delivery drivers, warehouse management and the entire area of support.

El Corte Inglés, Enagás and ILUNION have reached an agreement to promote sustainable mobility with social impact among their customers.

This collaboration will be instrumented through Llewo, a company owned by Enagás and ILUNION, specialising in social and eco-sustainable logistics management in Spain,

With this agreement, Llewo will start developing last mile logistics services (final delivery to the customer) for El Corte Inglés in a series of selected locations, and will gradually extend the delivery coverage nationwide.

This partnership between Enagás and ILUNION will lead to the creation of over 150 direct jobs, including people dedicated to delivery, warehouse management and the entire area of support required to provide a service of this nature properly. Since Ilunion took a stake in Llewo, employment is being promoted among professionals with disabilities or disadvantaged groups.

With the incorporation of Llewo for its last mile logistics deliveries (final delivery to the customer), El Corte Inglés is committed both to sustainable logistics and to the diversity and the employability of disadvantaged groups. This partnership is a first step in a long-term collaboration for both companies. The goal is to work together to evolve and grow the last mile from a sustainable and social standpoint.

“Llewo will apply the latest technological developments to provide a last mile service to a major company like El Corte Inglés, with the requirements of quality and efficiency that has characterized it for decades. For us, it is a benchmark in customer service”, says Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás. Llewo is a leader in socially and ecologically sustainable logistics management, with a vehicle fleet powered 100% by alternative energies, Natural Gas Vehicles (CNG and LNG), and is currently developing the use of other vehicles based on biogas, electricity and hydrogen, which will set the future standard in the last mile and last yard. Llewo is the new brand arising from the union of ILUNION and Enagás, as a continuation of Gas2Move.

For the CEO of ILUNION, Alejandro Oñoro, this partnership between El Corte Inglés, Enagás and ILUNION will represent a further step in the consolidation of Llewo as a benchmark in the last mile sector, “not only for the quality and efficiency of the service it offers the customer, but also for the great social and environmental impact it generates with its activity”, he added.

For El Corte Inglés, this collaboration means another step forward in its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, but also in its omnichannel service, as it will contribute to improving customer service to the end customer.

This type of alliance forms part of El Corte Inglés’ policy of commitment to society and its spirit of closeness to the concerns of citizens.


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