From Tuesday November 1st, the capacity expansion of the Irún interconnection will be available to increase flows from Spain to France

28 October 2022


The Spanish and French operators Enagás and Teréga will increase the capacity available for contracting of the Irún gas pipeline by 66%, approximately from 2 to 3,5 bcm (billion cubic meters).

This figure is equivalent to an 18% increase in the total flow capacity from Spain to France between the two existing interconnections, Irún and Larrau, which add up to a maximum total capacity of around 8.5 bcm per year.

The Spanish and French Transmission System operators (TSOs) Enagás and Teréga will increase the capacity available for contracting of the gas pipeline linking Bilbao to Lussagnet from 60 GWh per day to 100 GWh per day, in order to offer an additional alternative for supplying the territory.

This increase in South-North flow capacity should make it possible to transport more gas from the Iberian Peninsula if the market needs it. Indeed, it has infrastructures, in particular LNG terminals, that are surplus to its consumption needs.

Both Enagás and Teréga's infrastructure is already ready to carry out this significant increase in capacity which will strengthen the European gas network for the passage of winter.

«The expansion of the capacity of the Irún interconnection is one of the measures of solidarity with Europe included in the Plan 'Más Seguridad Energética' of the Government of Spain. At Enagás we have worked to make it technically possible, as announced in September, and it will be available for contracting from next Tuesday, coinciding with the start of the gas winter season, as planned. Having an interconnected network is key to security of supply, to decarbonisation and to Europe's competitiveness». Arturo Gonzalo, CEO of Enagás.

«Through this increase in capacity, Teréga is proud to reaffirm its resolutely European identity by contributing to the energy solidarity of the Continent. In order to meet the gas needs of the population and our industries over the long term, we believe it is essential to build a flexible and resilient gas network, capable of making the most of all the infrastructures present in Europe». Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga.


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