Enagás and CEEES sign an agreement to boost natural gas and hydrogen as fuels

21 June 2021

Enagás and the Spanish Confederation of Service Station Owners (CEEES) have signed an agreement to work together to promote and boost the use of natural gas and hydrogen as alternative fuels for transportation.

The collaboration includes, among other elements, the performance of a technical viability analysis for the construction of refuelling points for natural gas vehicles (NGV) and hydrogen at some of the 5,000 service stations that make up the CEEES network in Spain. The agreement has an initial duration of one year and can be extended automatically for one-year periods.

CEEES' Chairman, Jorge de Benito, and Enagás' CEO, Marcelino Oreja

In addition, Enagás and the CEEES are working together on other courses of action to promote these energy sources as alternative fuels for transportation, in line with their commitment to contributing to the well-being of society and improving air quality.

Enagás will participate in this project through Scale Gas Solutions, a start-up that emerged from within its Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, Enagás Emprende.

About Enagás
Enagás is Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and the Technical Manager of the Spanish gas system. It is certified as an independent TSO by the European Union and currently operates in eight countries.

After almost 50 years of experience, Enagás is making a commitment to innovation to develop projects that help advance the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. As part of its Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, Enagás Emprende, the company has backed the creation of Scale Gas, a company led by two internal entrepreneurs. This start-up seeks to develop small and medium-scale LNG infrastructure linked to two areas of growth for natural gas demand: the supply of gas to remote locations at small volumes and its use as a fuel for transportation.

The Spanish Confederation of Service Station Owners (CEEES) is a national non-profit organisation formed over forty years ago to serve as the joint association for all Spanish service station owners.

Since then, it has focused its activity on representing its associates before various national, regional and local bodies and institutions, protecting their professional interests and taking collective action to bring improvements to the sector in actuality and principle. It currently represents the interests of around 5,000 service stations across Spain.


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