Enagás completes €250 million bond issue

10 October 2012

Enagás has tapped its 20 September issue to raise €250 million on the market. By maintaining the annual coupon at 4.25%, but pricing the bonds at 102.83%, the real cost is 3.615%, 68 basis points lower than the original issue.

Enagás has carried out the tap issue to seize a window in the market following the positive reaction to the €500 million issue of 5-year 4.25% bonds of 20 September priced at 99.801%..

Meanwhile, Enagás’ €500 million 4.375% 2015 bond issue carried out in 2009 is still outstanding. The company also has a €147.5 million private placement with the Japanese subsidiary of the US insurance company AFLAC.


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