Enagás took part in Talent Day 2023

Diversity Events
21 April 2023
  • Susana Toril, Head of People and Diversity at Enagás, highlighted the power of transformational talent to create agile and sustainable companies

The twelfth edition of Talent Day, organised by the specialist human resources publication Equipos&Talento, took place on 18 April in Madrid.

Over 1,200 professionals from Spain's leading companies converged at the event to share their insights and perspectives on the main trends and innovations in people management. The event also covered key topics such as the impact of technology and social media, intergenerational diversity in the workforce, attracting young talent, and neurohappiness.

The Head of People and Diversity of Enagás, Susana Toril, participated in the round table “The new HR Paradigm & Leadership”, alongside professionals from Merck, FedEx and ESIC Business & Marketing School, to discuss the power of transformational talent to create agile and sustainable companies.

During her address, Susana Toril emphasised Enagás' commitment to its employees and the significance of corporate culture through several initiatives, including the execution of the company's Transformation Plan. “The initiative was formulated to bolster our Strategic Plan and is focused on mobilising specific projects that spur strategic growth, and which are coordinated by the People area,” she explained. She also stressed the importance of cultural change: “Within businesses and with people, the most profound changes are those that affect culture because they are inertias that can only be overcome through a transformative approach.”



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