The Enagás Emprende case study for business schools is presented at Esade

28 November 2023
  • The Enagás corporate entrepreneurship model is considered a benchmark by this institution

In collaboration with the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute, the Enagás Director of Business Development and Diversification, Fernando Impuesto, and Director of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation, Emilio Martínez, took part in the presentation of the case study on Enagás corporate entrepreneurship at an event held at the main campus of the Barcelona-based business school Esade by the Esade Alumni organisation.


The case study, titled “Corporate Entrepreneurship at Enagás: Transforming from the Inside Out”, considers Enagás a global leader in the field by presenting the company’s emblematic entrepreneurship model through which corporate innovation can be driven by internal teams.

Enagás Emprende, the Enagás Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme, was created in 2016 with the aim of promoting innovative ideas and turning them into real projects that promote the energy transition process and spur evolution of the energy sector towards more sustainable models.


This case study, coordinated on behalf of Enagás by Emilio Martínez, was conducted by Joan Riera, professor at Esade and president of the consultancy firm Active Development, and Suzanne Jenkins, manager of the Esade Center for Social Impact, with the participation of a number of professionals within different Enagás departments. The case was recently selected as a finalist for the Tate Award, presented in San Antonio (USA) by the North American Case Research Association (NACRA), a leading organisation in the field, which published the case study after a rigorous selection process.

Moreover, its inclusion in the prestigious Harvard Business Review case collection makes “Corporate Entrepreneurship at Enagás: Transforming from the Inside Out” a prime example for addressing the subject of innovation and entrepreneurship in business schools around the world.


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