Enagás promotes and gives visibility to female talent

Diversity Corporate
12 March 2024
  • The company has organised various activities on the occasion of International Women’s Day 

In March, the company celebrated Enagás Women’s Week, an initiative that aims to reinforce the company’s commitment to equal opportunities for men and women through various activities that seek to raise awareness and contribute to a more egalitarian and inclusive society.



On 5 March, the closing event of the communication campaign #EllasTeLoCuentan and its subsequent #EllasTeLoCuentan along with their male colleagues, took place. A project that was born with the aim of “making women who work in the company visible so that their social and family environments understand that this sector not only admits women, but that it really needs them to provide that complementary vision and create teams that can jointly face the current and future challenges that the energy sector poses”, explained Enagás' Diversity and Engagement Manager, Teresa Blanco.

The event brought together all the Enagás professionals who participated in this initiative, launched two years ago, and the professionals who contributed to making the success of having diverse teams in the company visible.

The campaign was disseminated through Enagás' internal and external communication channels. Thanks to her, female talent has been showcased and female role models have been established who, through their testimonies, have inspired girls and women to enter the world of STEM careers and the energy sector.

In addition, for years Enagás has been organising various volunteer activities in collaboration with the Adecco Foundation with the aim of promoting the employability and social normalisation of women in vulnerable situations.

The company has recently been included among the 100 best companies in the world in terms of gender equality for the third consecutive year, ranking second in Spain and 13th globally, according to the Gender Equality Report & Ranking prepared by Equileap.

Enagás is also worldwide leader of the Utilities sector, on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

Enagás has achieved a 40% representation of women on its Executive Committee, in line with the objectives set by the new Parity Act, which means the company has one of the most gender-balanced leadership teams within the entire Ibex 35.

Enagás also has an Equality Plan that sets out a framework for action to promote effective equality, fairness, merit, personal progress, work-life balance, and co-responsibility among all professionals and has the Equality Award in the Company granted by the Ministry of Equality.

It also has an Integral Management Plan that includes more than 120 specific measures and actions that favour the balance between the different facets of people’s lives and help the work performance of its employees, including teleworking, a family assistance programme, a personalised flexible remuneration plan and flexible working hours. This has led Enagás to become the first company in the energy sector to obtain the Empresa Excelente+ rating in the EFR label, awarded by the Másfamilia Foundation.


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