Enagás highlights the importance of this vector for decarbonising industry at Expansión's hydrogen forum

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29 April 2024
  • The Director of Hydrogen, Jesús Gil, has defended that Spain has the ideal conditions to cover its own needs and export hydrogen to Europe

Enagás' Director of Hydrogen, Jesús Gil, stressed that Spain has the opportunity to become a European hub for renewable hydrogen, covering its needs and exporting to the rest of the continent. “Spain has sun and wind, it has one of the main components to produce hydrogen at a competitive price. In addition to covering our needs, we have surplus capacity to export,” he said in his speech at the 1st Conference “Hydrogen Expansion: The great energy revolution is already here”, held in Madrid on 25 April.



During his speech "Challenges and opportunities for infrastructures linked to hydrogen and its derivatives", Jesús Gil defended that renewable hydrogen is key to “decarbonising industries for which electrification is not an alternative”.

He also highlighted that the results of the Call For Interest launched by Enagás reflect the great interest of the business and industrial fabric in green hydrogen. This process will have a very beneficial effect on many territories and a positive impact on many autonomous communities,” he stressed.

He assured that the support of the European institutions is essential to boost the hydrogen economy. “Europe has set a path, in which hydrogen is part of this decarbonisation project” and he stressed that in REPowerEU “in addition to decarbonisation, Europe prioritises security of supply and energy sovereignty”.

The Director of Hydrogen stressed the importance of better integration of the energy system - hydrogen, gas and electricity - and added that the digitalisation of future networks will be key. “We cannot continue to propose an energy development scenario in which we continue to do the same as we have been doing, we have to keep moving forward, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and intelligent infrastructure networks (Smart Grids) are going to translate into much more sustainable management”.


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