Generational diversity, a source of talent for Enagás

17 February 2022
  • Through various initiatives, the company is firmly committed to the development of spaces for collaboration between its professionals

Generational diversity is one of the six lines of action defined in Enagás’ diversity and inclusion strategy. The coexistence and interaction of different generations with different concerns and backgrounds within an organisation is not only a challenge for talent management, but also a stimulus to promote the exchange of knowledge and achieve greater cohesion. 

For several years, Enagás has been working together with the Generation & Talent Observatory to share innovative programmes that help organisations harness the capabilities of their entire workforce through enriching and productive diversity management.

In addition, the company has participated in different studies carried out by the Observatory related to intergenerational talent, intergenerational leadership and intergenerational health.

The company also actively collaborates with Capital Radio’s Human Resources Forum, a programme that focuses on the management of generational diversity as a source of enrichment for organisations.

On 24 January, Óscar Gómez, Training Manager, Laura Trapote, Integrated Systems Coordinator, and Juan de Dios Pérez, Transportation Team Leader, participated in the latest Human Resources Forum programme, where they spoke about the company’s experience in managing generational diversity, among other topics.


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