Enagás participates in the "Execution of Opportunities" Forum of Europa Press

Renewable gases Decarbonisation
09/04/2024 - 09:00. Madrid

Europa Press, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, organizes the meeting "Sustainability 2024: commitment vs. action", within the framework of the "Execution of Opportunities" forum.

The forum was created with the aim of sharing the projects, successes, challenges and experiences of the different partner companies of Generación de Oportunidades, an initiative created by Europa Press based on four "vectors of change": the future of work, purpose and sustainability, innovation and growth, and technology and digitization.

Enagás' Director of Sustainability and Climate Action, José Miguel Tudela, speaks at this forum, which addresses the evolution of the sustainability agenda for the coming months and the business priorities that will enable companies to drive a sustainable transformation and anticipate future challenges.

The broadcast of the event is available at this link.


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