The first LNG tanker loading operation has successfully taken place at Enagás' regasification plant in Barcelona

18 September 2014

On 15 September Enagás successfully completed the first loading of an LNG tanker at its Barcelona regasification plant. The vessel had a capacity of 160,000 cubic metres and 156,560 cubic metres of LNG were loaded.

The company, which concluded the adaptation of its facilities in Barcelona in July with a view to carrying out this type of operation, now offers this service at all its plants in Spain.

Within the new international market environment for LNG, in which tanker loading at LNG terminals is playing a pivotal role in meeting the burgeoning demand from other markets, the Spanish Gas System remained the global leader in this type of operation for the third year running. In 2013, 51% of global loading operations were performed in Spain, according to figures from the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers.

Its capacity to provide this service could position Spain as a key destination for LNG where, in addition to being unloaded, tankers can be loaded for subsequent dispatch around the globe.

Tanker loading, along with other new services on which Spain is working, leverage Spain's gas infrastructure and the company's ability to adapt to the development of the market.   


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