Demand for natural gas for electricity generation breaks the historic record

16 June 2022
  • Gas deliveries to the electricity sector reached 764 GWh yesterday, surpassing the record of 754 GWh reached in 2008
  • This record is mainly due to the effects of high temperatures, accompanied by low hydro, wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal generation 

Yesterday, 15 June, demand for natural gas to produce electricity reached 764 GWh, surpassing the record of 754 GWh reached on 20 June 2008.

This huge increase in the demand for natural gas for electricity production has been mainly due to the high temperatures recorded as a result of the heat wave, accompanied by low hydro, wind and also photovoltaic and solar thermal generation, due to the haze.

This increase in demand for electricity generation highlights the coordination of the electricity and gas systems to guarantee supply, in a context of energy transition, and the important role that natural gas plays as a back-up for renewable energies at times of record demand.


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