Enagás' General Shareholders' Meeting approves 2014 results and the management of the company, which met its targets for the eighth consecutive year

27 March 2015

• Chairman, Antonio Llardén, gave shareholders details of the Strategic Plan for 2015-2017, in which growth is predicated on the business in Spain and international expansion

• On Monday, 23 March, Enagás announced the agreement with Fluxys to jointly acquire Swedish operator, Swedegas, in an operation that reinforces the company’s commitment to creating a European energy market

• Enagás will pay a gross dividend of €1.30 per share against 2014 results, 2% more than in 2013

• In 2014, the company made further progress in complying with the recommendations of proxy advisors and international investors and in adopting corporate governance best practices

• Maintaining current credit ratings with Standard & Poor's (BBB) and Fitch Ratings (A-) in 2015-2017 is a strategic priority

• Enagás maintains its commitment to employment and in 2014 increased its headcount by 5%

• Last year, the company renewed its "Equality at Work" seal and increased the number of women employees

• CEO, Marcelino Oreja Arburúa, reviewed 2014 results - a year marked by the gas reform and advances made in international expansion

• Enagás's General Meeting approved all resolutions on the agenda

The Chairman of Enagás, Antonio Llardén, today presided over the General Shareholders' Meeting, which approved the financial statements, the 2014 management report and all resolutions on the agenda.

Enagás' Executive Chairman, Antonio Llardén, during the General Shareholders' Meeting

During the Meeting, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Marcelino Oreja, reviewed the company's performance in 2014 and the key lines of the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan presented in February.

Antonio Llardén pointed out that in 2014 Enagás met all its stated commitments for the eighth consecutive year, “thanks to the company's efforts to adapt to the new economic context at the national and international level”.

The CEO stated that Enagás reported net profit of €406.5 million in 2014, in a year marked by two milestones: the gas reform, aimed at reducing the final price of energy in Spain and increasing the competitiveness of Spanish companies, and the company’s international expansion.

According to Marcelino Oreja, in 2014 Enagás made significant advances in its international expansion process, “and was done while considering the values that define us and form the basis that allows us to compete in a globalised world: innovation, efficiency, transparency, integrity, sustainability, safety and team work”.


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