Enagás presents the book Hydrogen is the New Oil together with its author, Thierry Lepercq

29 January 2020

• The company is promoting the Spanish edition of this book on the future of hydrogen as a key energy source for the energy transition

Enagás has organised the event Hydrogen, an increasingly present future during which the book Hydrogen is the New Oil: How 7 Energy Battles are Giving Birth to a Carbon-free World was presented. The company has been supporting the Spanish edition of Thierry Lepercq's book, which has previously been published in English and French.

Antonio Llardén, Chairman of Enagás, explained that “hydrogen may be one of the most essential vectors in the decarbonisation process”, a process in which Llardén pointed out “Enagás has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by half and has a strong commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050”.

Likewise, Carlos Barrabés, Chairman of the Barrabés Group, made the comment during his lecture, “Designing Tomorrow. A Vision of the Future”, that “sustainability is surely the greatest problem faced by society, and also its greatest opportunity, not only for individuals but for humanity as a whole”. Barrabés stressed that “for years, the greatest investment in the world is the planet, in which at least 90 trillion [dollars] have already been earmarked”.

The book launch took place in the form of a talk between the author, Thierry Lepercq, and Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, who discussed the essential role hydrogen will play in the construction of the future energy system based on renewable energies. In order to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2050, Marcelino Oreja highlighted the important part Enagás will have “to assist with the transport of decarbonised energy”.

Thierry Lepercq is a French writer and entrepreneur with broad experience in the fields of technology and energy, specifically in the renewable energy sector. During the launch of the Spanish edition of his book, he expressed his certainty about the use of hydrogen as an energy source, because “the technology already exists to make it possible; the next step is to scale it up to enable it to serve the common interest”. In his book Lepercq explains that “hydrogen is potentially much more than a cheap and plentiful energy source”. He defined it as a “decisive weapon in the fight against climate change”, which represents “a quantum leap towards a new order in energy and climate”.


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