Enagás and CEAR sign a collaboration agreement to develop a green hydrogen terminal in Aragón

21 December 2021

• The two companies will work together to promote green hydrogen in Spain

Enagás, through its subsidiary Enagás Renovable, and Compañía Energética Aragonesa de Renovables (CEAR) have signed a collaboration agreement for the joint development of a green hydrogen terminal in Aragon.

The project foresees the development of up to 103 megawatts of electricity (MWe) from the hybridisation of solar and wind energy and 30 megawatts (MW) of electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen.

This project fits perfectly with the two companies' commitment to developing new energy solutions that will help advance the European Union's decarbonisation goals and a more sustainable energy model. It also highlights the synergies between different renewable energy sources and the production of green hydrogen to drive the energy transition.

Enagás, together with more than 60 partners, promotes 55 specific renewable gas projects throughout Spain (34 green hydrogen projects and 21 biomethane projects) and works on three main lines of action: the development of renewable gases and their integration into existing gas infrastructures; the promotion of new gas applications in sectors such as transport, especially maritime transport; and energy efficiency as a means of optimising resources and reducing emissions.

For CEAR, this project represents another step in the implementation of its strategy to realise innovative projects that not only enable the integration of various renewable generation sources, but also contribute decisively to the development of green hydrogen as a first-rate energy vector for the decarbonisation of certain industrial sectors.


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