BioEnGas and Suma Capital partners in the development of biogas plants

15 April 2019

• The aim of this agreement is to promote new projects in the renewable gas sector and to further the development of the circular economy

• BioEnGas is one of the seven projects that have been turned into businesses as a result of the corporate entrepreneurship programme Enagás Emprende

Madrid, 15 April 2019 The start-up created and participated in by Enagás, BioEnGas, and the independent investment manager, Suma Capital, have signed an agreement for joint investment in projects to develop biogas from efficient waste recovery, contributing to developing the circular economy.

The aim of the partnership is to develop and construct a series of biogas plants in Spain with innovative technology. More than ten projects in different locations are currently being analysed, construction of some of which may start in the coming months.

Biogas is generated by the anaerobic decomposition of wastewater and solid municipal waste, and waste produced by the agriculture, livestock farming and forestry industries, among others. After being purified through a technological process called upgrading, it becomes biomethane.

Biomethane, like biogas, is a renewable, local and storable source of energy that allows emissions to be reduced. It can be transported using gas infrastructure and used wherever energy is required, including industry, where gas is presently irreplaceable owing to its high calorific value and versatility. It can also be used as a sustainable vehicular fuel.

BioEnGas came into existence through the Enagás Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, Enagás Emprende. This programme, designed to promote new business projects in the energy sector and apply ground-breaking technologies in the current context of energy transition, has led to the establishment of seven start-ups since March 2016, which have already created 158 jobs.

Suma Capital is an independent investment manager with more than 250 million euros under management in funds to support business growth and sustainable development. It manages funds specialising in sustainable assets that promote energy transition and the circular economy, creating positive environmental and social impact.


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