Record-breaking national demand for natural gas | Enagás

17 January 2019

• Consumption of natural gas in Spain reaches 1,540 GWh, the highest level since 2017
• This record is mainly due to the effects of low temperature and high demand for natural gas for power generation, which strengthen natural gas’s supporting role to renewable energies

Demand for natural gas in Spain hit 1,540 GWh yesterday, 16 January, the highest on record since 5 December 2017. This record is due to higher domestic/commercial consumption, an increase in deliveries for power generation and high demand reported by the industrial sector.
Conventional demand, destined for consumption in homes, commerce and industries, registered 1,142 GWh yesterday. This was mainly the result of increased demand from homes and commerce as a consequence of the low temperatures recorded in recent days.
Demand for natural gas in the electricity sector reached 398 GWh, as a result of low wind power and hydroelectricity generation, which strengthen natural gas’s supporting role to renewable energies in the energy transition process.
The increase in demand for natural gas in industrial consumption, which accounts for close to 60% of the total demand, has also contributed to this record. Industrial demand has grown by 15% since 2014, demonstrating the positive evolution of the economy.
Demand forecasts indicate that over the next few days these figures will be exceeded as a result of predicted falls in temperatures.
So far this year, natural gas demand in Spain has grown by 17.9% compared to the same period of 2018, reaching 21,256 GWh, owing to growth in conventional demand and deliveries of natural gas for power generation.


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