Conventional demand for natural gas grows by 4.4% in 2018

28 December 2021

• This increase is the result of the good performance shown by industrial consumption (+4%) and the positive evolution of domestic/commercial demand (+7%).
• Industrial demand, representing the 60% of total Spanish consumption, has shown growth in practically all sectors, particularly in services.
• Total natural gas consumption in Spain has remained stable in relation to that recorded in 2017, a year with 9% growth.

Conventional demand for natural gas has grown by 4.4% in 2018 year-on-year, reaching 287,316 GWh*. This increase is a consequence of the good performance shown by industrial demand and the positive evolution in domestic/commercial demand.

The demand for natural gas from industry has ended 2018 with an increase of 4% compared to the previous year, reflecting the positive evolution of the Spanish economy. Consumption has risen in most industrial sectors, particularly in the service sector. In Spain, industry currently accounts for 60% of the total demand for natural gas, which is an essential source of energy for many industrial sectors given its competitiveness, versatility and high calorific value.

Domestic/commercial demand, destined for consumption by homes, commerce and small and medium enterprises, has ended 2018 with more than a 7% growth. The evolution of domestic/commercial consumption has been positive throughout the year, achieving record values for specific months in the last decade as many as eight times.

Demand for natural gas as a source of electricity generation has ended the year at 61,937 GWh. This year has seen greater hydroelectric generation compared to 2017, which was an especially dry year.

With these statistics, total demand for natural gas in Spain in 2018 has reached around 350,000 GWh, values similar to those registered the previous year, in which consumption grew by 9%.

The regions where demand has grown the most in 2018 are Balearic Islands (+29%), Madrid (+15%) and Cantabria (+13%).

*This information is provisional pending definitive end-of-year figures.


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