Demand for natural gas in Spain grows by 17% in February

28 February 2018

• Low temperatures drive domestic and commercial consumption to increase by 33.9% on February 2017
• Industrial demand recorded 6.4% growth and continues its sustained growth in line with the positive evolution of the Spanish economy

Demand for natural gas in Spain grew to the end of February by 16.9%, reaching 34,105 GWh. This increase was due to the growth in industrial demand, the effect of low temperatures and rising demand for the use of gas to generate electricity.

Industrial demand, which represented more than 50% of total natural gas consumption, reached 17,266 GWh. This consumption has grown without interruption since May 2016, in line with the positive evolution of the economy.

Total conventional demand, for use in homes, businesses and industry, grew by 15.5% in February compared to the same month last year, reaching 29,584 GWh. Within this figure, domestic and commercial consumption rose by 33.9% to reach 11,275 GWh, driven by the effect of low temperatures.

The demand for natural gas from the electricity sector ended the month with an increase of 26.9%, to 4,520 GWh, resulting mainly from greater demand for power.


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