Demand for natural gas breaks historical record

05 December 2017

• Natural gas consumption in Spain hits 1,670 GWh, the highest level in the last six years
• This record is mainly due to the effects of low temperature and high demand for natural gas for power generation

Demand for natural gas in Spain hit 1,670 GWh yesterday, 4 December, the highest on record since January 2011. This record was due to the high demand reported by the industrial and domestic and commercial sectors, and increased deliveries of natural gas for power generation. Today’s demand is forecast to exceed this figure.

Conventional demand, destined for consumption in homes, commerce and industries, registered 1,107 GWh yesterday. This was mainly the result of increased demand from homes and business as a consequence of the low temperatures recorded in recent days. It has also contributed to the positive evolution of demand for natural gas in industry.

Demand for natural gas in the electricity sector reached 509 GWh, owing to several factors: the high demand for electricity, low wind power and hydroelectricity generation, and one nuclear power plant in Spain being offline.

In the year to date, natural gas demand in Spain has grown by about 9% over the same period of 2016, reaching 319,122 GWh, owing to growth in conventional demand and delivery of natural gas for power generation. Industrial demand is growing at around 7%.


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