Demand for natural gas in Spain grows by 18% in August

31 August 2017

• The month of August with the highest conventional demand for gas in history

The month of August ended with growth in national demand for natural gas of about 18% compared to the same month the previous year, reaching 25,100 GWh. This percentage was the highest monthly growth figure in the summer period since 2008, and exceeds the figure recorded in July of this year. 

Conventional demand, destined for domestic, commercial and industrial consumption, finished August with a growth of about 4.5%, to exceed 17,300 GWh, an all-time high for this month. This increase was mainly the result of the greater use of natural gas by industry, which grew by about 6%. Consumption rose in most industrial sectors, particularly in the paper and metallurgy industries.

Demand for natural gas for power generation ended the month of August with an increase of more than 60%, to reach 7,800 GWh, the highest figure for this month since 2011. This increase was caused by very low hydroelectricity generation and a lower contribution from wind power.

To date, natural gas demand in Spain this year has grown by about 9% over the same period of 2016 owing to growth in conventional demand and delivery of natural gas for power generation. Industrial demand is also growing at about 7%, demonstrating the positive evolution of the Spanish economy.


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