Record-breaking demand for natural gas in Spain yesterday, 18 January

19 January 2017

• Consumption of natural gas for domestic, commercial and industrial use recorded its highest figure since 2012
• Underground storage facilities and regasification plants, key to coping with the increased demand caused by the cold snap

Domestic demand for natural gas reached 1,502.1 GWh yesterday, 18 January, due to the effect of the current cold snap. This number exceeds the 2016 high of 1,445 GWh recorded on 14 December, a record figure since February 2012.

Specifically, conventional demand for natural gas, for domestic, commercial and industrial use, reached 1,229.2 GWh, representing the fourth largest historical value, exceeded only by the figures for consumption recorded for 3, 8 and 13 February 2012.

Deliveries of natural gas for 272.9 GWh of electricity generation were recorded, highlighting the essential role that natural gas plays to guarantee power supply, furthermore, in a context of low hydropower output.

During a cold snap like the current one, the role of underground storage facilities and regasification plants is key for security of supply. Underground storage facilities have been the first flexibility tool used in order to cope with the demand.

Regasification plants are also providing flexibility because in a setting of higher demand and lower imports from Algeria, they allow us to receive liquefied natural gas from other sources.

The record demand for natural gas reached yesterday was handled comfortably, with the entire system demand met as normal.

The State Meteorological Agency continues to forecast low temperatures for the next few days in different parts of Spain, so new records may be achieved.


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