Renfe, Alstom and Enagás present a hydrogen-based train locomotive project to the EU LIFE environmental funding programme

21 December 2016

• The project will analyse the possibility of achieving a 100% reduction in direct emissions compared to conventional fuel engines, using at least 70% of energy from renewable sources

Renfe has coordinated the presentation of a new rail transport project based on a hydrogen fuel cell, batteries and super condensers to the European Union LIFE programme, which provides funding for environmental projects for the period 2014-2020. The project, which was originally conceived in 2011, now includes as key partners in the sector Alstom Transporte, Enagás, Audigna/Hidrógena and Nertatec, as well as Bureau Veritas as the certifying body.

The aim of this R&D&I project is to perform pilot tests using a laboratory train/vehicle from the Feve 3100 series and draw conclusions about the technical feasibility of hydrogen-powered rail transport on the Spanish rail network. The key points include the possibility of a 100% reduction in direct emissions compared to vehicles running on conventional fuel, using at least 70% of energy from renewable sources.

The project envisages the development of a supply and refuelling system, the adaptation of the rail vehicle as a test unit, as well as regulations and procedures for the monitoring of traffic to provide data regarding features, performance, emissions, autonomy and noise levels for comparison with convention systems. Simultaneously, financial studies will be completed on the life cycle of the whole system.

The project is of particular importance in the analysis of rail traffic in the urban and suburban environment, which in the case of Renfe means regional, conventional middle distance and metric gauge services.

With a budget of 2.6 million euros, the project is in line with the Spanish Government’s position at the Climate Summit in Paris (21 December 2015) and the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% before 2030.


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